Stupid Questions People Ask Often.

1. You see person dey vomit, you still dey ask am ‘you no well’? Him well, e just wan see the food wey him chop yesterday.
2. You just wake up from sleep; person come ask you “you don wake?” No oh, I come buy bread wey I go chop for dream.
3. You see woman wey born new pikin; u come ask her “madam u don born? ” No ohhhh, she buy am for OLX..
4. You greet person “good morning ma” ! She ask, my pikin you don wake???? No ohhhh, I dey sleep walk… .
5. My guy ask me “O boy where u dey?” I tell am say i dey bank, him com ask me “Wat is happening there?” My brother dem dey celebrate new yam festival.

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