Cumedy Hut – Smart Woman.

A mother goes to a Doctor about the size of her son’s penis.
“Doctor I am really worried about the size of James’s penis, it’s tiny.”
“Don’t worry when he hits puberty he will be fine.”
“But Doctor it’s so small, how will he be able to keep a girlfriend happy when he’s older?”

Not seeing how else to get rid of her, he decides to make something up.
“OK, this is an old wife’s tale but apparently if you give him loads of toast it should start to get bigger in no time.”

“Thank you Doctor thank you”
The next day little James come down the stairs to see a whole loaf of bread has been toasted and is sitting piled up on the kitchen table.

“Mummy is that all for me?”

“No son, just the top slice. The rest is for your dad.”

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