Cumedy Hut – Paddy, his friend and his daughters.

A friend of Paddy comes to visit him. Paddy seems a bit drunk. He said to his friend:”Please do me a favor. Go upstairs and get me my slippers. My feet are freezing.”

The friend goes upstairs and his mouth drops open when he saw Paddy’s gorgeous 19 year old twin daughters lying naked on a bed.

He said to them: “Hi girls, your dad sent me up here to have sex with both of you.”

One of them said: “Go away, man. You must be joking.” The other one said: “Prove it!”

The guy then shouted downstairs to Paddy: “Do you mean both of them or just one?” Paddy replied:

“Both of them, of course! What is the
point in fookin’ one?”

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