Cumedy Hut – Notice For The Thieves.

Talk about the ingenuity and seriousness of a creative farmer. You have everything encapsulated right here.


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  • George Bush, Algeria and Algebra.George Bush, Algeria and Algebra. George W Bush George W. Bush visits Algeria. As part of his program, he delivers a speech to the Algerian people: "You know, I regret that I have to give this speech in English. […]
  • Cumedy Hut – Nigerian Politicians and their bad habits.Cumedy Hut – Nigerian Politicians and their bad habits. When Nigerian politicians loot public funds/money from Nigeria, they keep it in Switzerland. When sick, they go to Germany or India. When investing, they go to America. When […]
  • Cumedy Hut – A Man in a hurry and the Farmer.Cumedy Hut – A Man in a hurry and the Farmer. A man asks a farmer near a field, “Sorry sir, would you mind if I crossed your field instead of going around it? You see, I have to catch the 4:23 train.” The farmer says, “Sure, […]
  • Cumedy Hut – The Police and I in a conversation.Cumedy Hut – The Police and I in a conversation. I was going quietly on my own when I ran into a Policeman. Instead of going his own way, he decided to stop me and ask some questions. Well, as a good citizen, I duly obliged him […]
  • Cumedy Hut – Hot Shit Business.Cumedy Hut – Hot Shit Business. When I first saw the photo below, I just could help but shed a few tears of laughter. The creativity of the owner of this business will surely make him or her rich if not already so. […]
  • Cumedy Hut – The Media and the Royal Family.Cumedy Hut – The Media and the Royal Family. A King enrolled his donkey in a race & won. Local paper read: 'KING's ASS WON' The king was so upset with this kind of publicity that he gave the donkey to the queen. The local […]

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