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  • George Bush, Algeria and Algebra.George Bush, Algeria and Algebra. George W Bush George W. Bush visits Algeria. As part of his program, he delivers a speech to the Algerian people: "You know, I regret that I have to give this speech in English. […]
  • Cumedy Hut – Nigerian Politicians and their bad habits.Cumedy Hut – Nigerian Politicians and their bad habits. When Nigerian politicians loot public funds/money from Nigeria, they keep it in Switzerland. When sick, they go to Germany or India. When investing, they go to America. When […]
  • Cumedy Hut – Effective Prayers.Cumedy Hut – Effective Prayers. Those of us out there who still believe in prayers will surely agree that sincere prayers get answered much faster than others. Most of such prayers we know from experience are made by […]
  • Cumedy Hut – Siesta Per Excellence.Cumedy Hut – Siesta Per Excellence. Siesta is Siesta. It does not matter where, how or why you observe it. Just Do It! Man must not live by work alone but also by every opportunity to rest. If you like call it […]
  • Cumedy Hut – Correct Mother.Cumedy Hut – Correct Mother. There are mothers and there are Correct Mothers. They are not so difficult to differentiate. Kudos to this "Correct Mama".
  • Cumedy Hut – Co-incidental Co-incidences.Cumedy Hut – Co-incidental Co-incidences. Are you aware of the following co-incidences in some words?   1. MOSQUE has 6 letters so does CHURCH. 2. QURAN has 5 letters so does BIBLE. 3. LIFE has 4 letters so does […]

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